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We live in a digital-first world where having a well-designed website is crucial for the growth and success of any business. As a business owner, you have to make a choice when it comes to building a website for your business i.e., DIY website builder vs. web designer.

You’re not alone struggling to decide which option is the right for you.

In this post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to conclude whether to count on a website builder or get professional assistance to build a website.

What is a Website Builder?

A website builder is a tool or program that allows you to build a website on your own using pre-made templates without requiring any design or coding skills. With many website builders out there, such as Wix, Weebly, etc., you can easily find the one that meets your needs and requirements.

What is a Web Designer?

A web designer is a professional who does all the heavy lifting to create your website. Professionals don’t rely on website builders. Instead, they use their designing and coding skills to build your website from scratch.

You can either work with a freelance web designer or hire a web design agency, depending on your budget and requirements. A freelancer will help you just with creating a design for your website. A web design agency, on the other hand, will help you with everything, from conceptualization to development and even maintenance.

Website Builder vs. Web Designer – Which is Right for You?

To determine whether using a DIY website builder or hiring a web designer is right for you, you need to have clarity on the goals you want to achieve from building a website.

Do you have services or products that you want customers to purchase from you? Do you want to curate content on a daily basis? If that’s the scenario, you’ll need blogging functionality as well. Is your website going to be a source of good information? Or do you want visitors to fill out a form or get a quote?

Also, there are other important things to consider: do you want a simple website or want something tailor-made to stand out? Above all, your budget.

Once you know your needs or what you want to achieve from your website, it will become quite easier for you to decide which option is right for you. However, to help you out, we’re going to discuss some scenarios that will help you in making a decision whether to go with a website builder or web designer. So, continue reading.

When You Should Go with a DIY Website Builder?

You should consider using a website builder if:

  • You have a low budget to invest in building a website
  • You want a simple looking website
  • You’re willing to handle some technical or design aspects yourself
  • You can’t wait to get your website up and running

When You Should Hire a Professional Web Designer?

You should consider hiring a professional web designer if:

  • You have a big budget
  • You want something custom-made to differentiate yourself from others
  • You’re not hurry in getting your website up and running
  • You don’t want to take care of any technical or design aspects by yourself
  • You want to build a website optimized for search engines and higher conversions

The Final Takeaway

Deciding what’s best for you to build a website: website builder vs. web designer is not an easy task. As mentioned above also, you need clarity on goals you want to achieve from having an online presence. Otherwise, you can risk making a wrong decision. Therefore, pour some time to know your needs and the purpose of having a website. You’ll indeed end up choosing the solution best for you.